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Faculty of Fine Art and Design

The Faculty of Fine Art and Design is the biggest faculty of this type in the western part of Romania. The study programs offered by us are covering three main areas: traditional arts, applied arts, and the theoretical domain. Through the 11 directions of study on the bachelor level, 10 directions on master level and the doctoral studies, we successfully provide a wide range of options in the visual arts.

We organize classes as follows: painting, graphic arts, sculpture, graphic design, interior design, product design, decorative arts, fashion, history and theory of arts, photo & video and restauration.

We develop a wide range of teaching, research and artistic activities supported by teachers, students and a strong alumnus community. Also our four research centers provide specific expertise and consultancy.

By all these facts, the Faculty of Arts and Design is a strong cultural driving force for our city and region. We are actively building our future society and we are looking forward for the year 2024 when Timisoara will be European Capital of Culture.

Smaranda-Sabina Moldovan, Manager

Smaranda-Sabina Moldovan is a Romanian visual artist and PhD assistant at West University, Faculty of Arts and Design. Her research is focused on consumerism and reflecting social life in art.
Born in 1986, in Timișoara, Romania, and currently lives and works in her hometown.
During 2017-2020, she developed her doctoral research under the guidance of Prof. Univ.Dr. Habil Dacian Andoni. She presented her doctoral thesis entitled “From object to painting. From painting to object.” in December 2020.
She has been a member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, Timișoara branch, since 2017.
Her activity consists of numerous group events such as national and international exhibitions, salons and creative symposia (Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Malaysia, Korea, Hungary). She also worked in community art developing social projects both nationally and internationally.

Claudia Feti,
Assistant Manager

Claudia Feti is a research assistant at West University from Timișoara, Faculty of Arts and Design. She graduated design study program and has a Ph.D. degree in visual arts.  Her research is focused on visual communication, branding, visual advertising, and illustration.

During 2018-2021, she developed her doctoral thesis entitled “Integrating the Figure-Ground Relationship in The Advertising Campaign”, under the guidance of Prof. Univ.Dr. Habil Alexandru Jakabházi. The thesis concluded with a poster exhibition in 2022.

She was a member in many institutional projects, mostly in the design areas. She participated in regional, national, and international exhibitions, symposiums (Italy, Spain, Argentine, Hungary, Serbia, Pakistan).
Claudia is also teaching Graphic Design and Visual Communication seminaries at the faculty above mentioned.

ARTE Facultatea de arte si design
ARTE30 De ani de la reinfiintare 1990 – 2020

Contact info

– Smaranda Moldovan smaranda.moldovan@e-uvt.ro
– Claudia Feti claudia.feti@e-uvt.ro
Website: arte.uvt.ro