Project objectives

The project will be realized through three mutually interacting components/


Develop and establish an open e-learning platform for online course modules and resources on cultural mapping and citizen involvement in community planning.


Develop a prototype eModel for cultural mapping which can serve as tool for local and regional analysis of the Culture and Creative Sectors (CCS).

boost knowledge

Boost the knowledge and understanding of the importance of cultural mapping and planning to advance the CCS in the EU and the Member States.

Project: Getting Young People and Young Adults Included and Engaged in the Cultural and Creative Sectors

By these objectives, the project will offer a digital tool to European cities and regions that faces many challenges as it is being reshaped by the digital evolution and the post-Covid19 situation. Part of the project will be to launch 5 local strategic creative actions with youth involved, min. 1 being with disadvantaged citizens. These local creative actions will ensure that the project is not top down, but bottom-up, too.

Projekt sign

The core outputs and results will be:

  • 1 e-learning platform
  • 3 online course modules and resources on cultural mapping and citizen involvement in community planning (cultural planning, creative entrepreneurship, global impact and facilitation)
  • 1 prototype eModel on cultural mapping
  • 3 cultural plannings – best practice for inspiration – from local and regional analysis of the CCS to strategy development
  • 5 local innovative participatory and intercultural dialogue approaches (concrete examples with young people taking part in the cultural and creative sectors, dissemination materials – newsletters, leaflets, standard PPT – project presentation, press releases, articles in professional publications/elaborated in correspondence with project milestones/schedule/multiplier events
  • A database of key project personnel/contacts, which can be updated as the project progresses