The ICSD supports, projects related to economic development entrepreneurship, regional planning, social and economic development and a significant number of projects related to the support of vulnerable social groups.


European Training Centre Copenhagen is a modern training agency and project facilitator delivering cost-effective and efficient training seminars by utilizing the best located facilities and partner opportunities in Denmark and Europe.

Integra Onlus

Integra Onlus Association is a Non-profit Organization founded in 2003 in the city of Lecce, southern part of Italy, by Dr. Klodiana Çuka (current president) and by a multiethnic group that shares a sense of concern for the urgent issues regarding immigration policy in Italy and Europe.

West Timisoara University

The Faculty of Fine Art and Design is the biggest faculty of this type in the western part of Romania. The study programs offered by us are covering three main areas: traditional arts, applied arts, and the theoretical domain.

Partner 5

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