Integra Onlus

Integra Onlus Company’s Presentation

Integra Onlus Association is a Non-profit Organization founded in 2003 in the city of Lecce, southern part of Italy, by Dr. Klodiana Çuka (current president) and by a multiethnic group that shares a sense of concern for the urgent issues regarding immigration policy in Italy and Europe. Since 2018 Integra has also opened its registered office in Milan, in the north of Italy. The goals of these persons have been to create and implement a multi-ethnic organization that guarantees a true integration between peoples of various cultures.

Integra has operated for twenty years in the field of migration politics to give significant and nuanced responses to socio-cultural issues tied to immigration at the national level, since its constitution also works in the field of culture and education and in the sector of EU projects.

Integra currently conducts its institutional operation through a network of offices, migrant reception centers, and partners stationed in seven Italian regions (Puglia, Lazio, Lombardia, Sicilia, Abruzzo, Sardegna, and Calabria).

Klodiana Cuka, Founder and president of Integra Onlus

Klodiana Cuka, graduated in languages with a PhD in Albanology. Founder and president of Integra, senior project manager and expert of European project. She work in field of immigration last 22 years and she collaborate with public and private association, school and university for culture event, awareness campaigns and training.

Sergio Patti, Vice-president and manager of Integra Onlus

Sergio Patti, graduate in Economics and Commerce, is the vice-president and manager of Integra Onlus. He has worked as a business manager for private and public bodies, he has twenty years of experience in the management and reporting of European projects as a financial manager.

Manuela Sportelli, responsible for the secretariat of European projects.

Manuela Sportelli graduated in International Cooperation, responsible for the secretariat of European projects. Intercultural mediator, she have worked for 10 years in the field of immigration in public and private bodies such as the UN Ginevra, Community of Sant’Egidio and Puglia Region.

Aurora Sportelli, responsible for INTEGRA cultural activities and relations with schools and public institutions

Aurora Sportelli, graduated in Literature and Journalism, has been working in the cultural field for several years and in education sector as an educator for over 10 years; she is responsible for INTEGRA cultural activities and relations with schools and public institutions.

Here is a video we had prepared at the beginning of our project, on Integra’s projects in the field of culture and cultural heritage. From Facebook:

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