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News from the project partners regarding the Cultural and Creative Sectors

Reimagining the “Cardinal Points” Fountain as a biodiversity island

The Faculty of Arts and Design from Timisoara has assumed the coordination of some design projects that involve the redevelopment of the Punttele Cardinale Fountain, a representative monument of Timisoara, the premises of the project being the association of the existing space and the structures that harmonize the whole fountain with a biodiversity and association environment. with nature. Students of the Faculty of Arts and Design, coordinated by lect. Univ. Dr. Sergiu Zegrean and associate professor Univ. Dr. Diana Andreescu, thus contributed to the elaboration of a number of distinct concepts from which a multitude of creative solutions for the beautification of the urban space transpire.

”We are happy to announce the opening of the public voting period for the creative ideas proposed by the UVT teams within the project of Reimagining the “Cardinal Points” Fountain as a biodiversity island.

The project Reimagining the “Cardinal Points” Fountain as a biodiversity island is part of the global vision proposed in the calendar of European Green Week at UVT and was proposed by Aquatim SA, as the owner of the rights to use the “Cardinal Points” Fountain. UVT responded to the initial ideas by organizing a systemic approach to the process of generating options for the creative project of the Fountain “Cardinal Points”.

The central axis of the project consists in the collaboration between the teachers and the students belonging to three of the UVT faculties (FAD, CBG and FSP), with the participation of the Technological Transfer and Innovation Center of UVT from the ICAM structure. In this way, students are an active part of a project through which UVT aims to contribute to increasing well-being in the community, the creative ideas proposed by them for reimagining the “Cardinal Points” Fountain being both aesthetic and functional, in line with the New European Bauhaus. .

I invite you to visit here the page where you can find the creative concepts proposed by UVT students, respectively to express your vote for your favorite concept.

Voting is open to the public in Timisoara until October 31, 2022, so I encourage you to spread this message in the groups and communities you belong to.

Subsequently, the project with the most votes will be brought to the community of architects, designers, landscapers, hydrotechnicians from Timișoara, in order to reach a mature and feasible technical solution. We will keep you updated on these issues, together with Aquatim S.A., owner of the rights to use the Fountain, and the City Hall of Timișoara, which owns the property over the space.”

Rector Marilen Pirtea

WUT’s teacher exhibition – April 2022

ArteFact ( is a virtual space created by our partner: The Faculty of Arts and Design, Western University Timisoara, (WUT – Romania)
(see )

The aim of this space is to enhance the access to culture in general and to the field of visual arts in particular.

WUT hereby presents their teacher exhibition  – which can be visited starting with April 5th, at the Bucharest Senate Gallery.

WUT’s latest event is the launching of the album ”Artists and Pedogugues” coordinated by Dean Prof. Camil Mihaescu. 

”This book-object is a great initiative to keep alive the
history of the Faculty of Arts and Design, formerly
known as the Faculty of Plastic Arts, that has
influenced in a profound and undeniable manner the
cultural life of Timișoara and of the whole region. And
as any faculty is essentially defined by its people, by
those that built it as institution, the present album
is a gift to the over one hundred teachers that have
put their efforts to the benefit of developing one of
the most important education centres dedicated to
visual arts and design.
Such an album has a great symbolic meaning and
it is, as Pierre Nora would say, a lieu de mémoire,
because it „talks” about the past of a very special
community and therefore it connects the generations
of yesterday and today. The yesterday’s generation
has surprised by its energy and creativity and this
obliges us to always remember them. This way, the
landmarks of their work is and will be available to the
today’s students but also to the future generations,
to all those that will follow and will want to know
more about the teachers and artists that are tightly
connected to the Faculty of Arts and Design.”

Professor Marilen Gabriel Pirtea PhD,
Rector of the West University of Timișoara

The album can be downloaded by clicking the following link: